• e-commerce mistakes

    Make sure you avoid these 3 e-commerce mistakes

    April 27, 2018 Michael Henley

    It’s difficult to get an online market launched, perfected, and truly successful. This is especially true if you’re a smaller company. Yes, DNVBs exist largely through a great e-commerce platform, but that’s most because their existence largely depends on one. What DNVBs know is that it’s not about selling a few things online and calling…

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  • Accurate, updated information is crucial in digital commerce. A product information management (PIM) system can help you meet customers' information needs.

    Is a PIM system right for you?

    April 11, 2018 Michael Henley

    As consumers gain an ever-increasing array of knowledge at their fingertips, they’re using it to learn as much as they can about products before they buy. With shopping becoming an increasingly omnichannel experience, product information needs to be accurate on all of those channels. Manually updating these channels can work for a while, but scaling…

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  • digitally native vertical brands - Someone marking a road map_LL_UX an D-Commerce_RoadMaps(purple)

    Avoiding the threat of digitally native vertical brands

    March 19, 2018 Michael Henley

    Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs) are known for their lean structure and direct to consumer efficiency. These companies are seamlessly able to process their customer’s orders online, package the product, and then ship it right to the buyer’s doorstep. This has made quite a few companies anxious about the future, and for a good reason.…

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  • A picture of happy young people at a concert

    Creating a customer community with mobile e-commerce

    March 7, 2018 Michael Henley

    Lately, at Luminos, we’ve been investigating digitally native vertical brands and what has made them so successful. In my most recent post, I explored the effective digital commerce strategies that these brands have been using to drive business. Allbirds, a digitally native vertical brand known for its distinctive wool material shoe, recently executed an interesting play…

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  • Where are the DNVBs? Overhead picture of cityscape at night

    Digitally Native Vertical Brands and where to find them

    February 26, 2018 Michael Henley

    Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVB’s) are a growing trend in the business world. More companies seem to be emerging “from thin air”, typically in the form of a completely digital, self-sufficient, and incredibly far reaching businesses. While many DNVBs have been scoffed at for having an unsustainable business model, there are some that have achieved…

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