• Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy. Episerver's AI helps you personalize your experience by processing the vast amounts of information available.

    AI and Episerver: Making artificial intelligence work for you

    April 20, 2018 Michael Henley

    The value of personalization is no secret on this blog. People expect an experience tailored to them, and with so much data out there, it’s more possible than ever to provide it. There are very real benefits to providing someone with a personalized shopping experience–and very real costs to failing to do so. Even with all of…

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  • Accurate, updated information is crucial in digital commerce. A product information management (PIM) system can help you meet customers' information needs.

    Is a PIM system right for you?

    April 11, 2018 Michael Henley

    As consumers gain an ever-increasing array of knowledge at their fingertips, they’re using it to learn as much as they can about products before they buy. With shopping becoming an increasingly omnichannel experience, product information needs to be accurate on all of those channels. Manually updating these channels can work for a while, but scaling…

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  • Three ways to increase your conversion rate

    March 29, 2018 Michael Henley

    Don’t make your evaluator work. That was the message my teachers gave me before standardized tests. Fill out forms as they were instructed. Answer the prompt directly. Write legibly. The less that a grader had to try to infer, the less likely they were to just give up and grade me poorly. The point was…

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  • Luminos Labs and Episerver bring their digital platform to Umpqua Bank, lowering costs, increasing productivity, and providing easy-to-use website tools

    Luminos Labs and Episerver bring Umpqua Bank a powerful digital platform

    March 14, 2018 Michael Henley

    When Umpqua Bank came to Luminos Labs and Episerver looking to modernize their digital commerce platform, we were happy to help. Founded in 1953 in Canyonville, Oregon, Umpqua Bank has been serving the Pacific Northwest for more than 60 years. Their reach has grown to include California, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada, with assets numbering over…

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