• Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy. Episerver's AI helps you personalize your experience by processing the vast amounts of information available.

    AI and Episerver: Making artificial intelligence work for you

    April 20, 2018 Michael Henley

    The value of personalization is no secret on this blog. People expect an experience tailored to them, and with so much data out there, it’s more possible than ever to provide it. There are very real benefits to providing someone with a personalized shopping experience–and very real costs to failing to do so. Even with all of…

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  • shattered glass window to represent decentralized distribution blockchain

    Why the blockchain is so critical for cybersecurity

    April 10, 2018 Michael Henley

    Although the conversation about the blockchain has reached a lull in recent weeks, I’m positive we’ll be hearing more about its intended implementations in the months to come. As we dive deeper into the blockchain, it’s useful to further understand the possibilities it could create for the future of global cybersecurity efforts. Re-cap: the blockchain…

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  • A crash course in blockchain and cybersecurity - picture of world map at night, city lights are seen from space

    Unpacking crypto: blockchain, cybersecurity, and the future of transactions

    March 27, 2018 Michael Henley

    With the value of Bitcoin skyrocketing this last winter, the idea of the blockchain being used to streamline online business transactions is becoming more of a reality. Better yet, it seems as though this idea is being entertained further every day. Blockchain: a method of doing business digitally Even financial industry leaders like Goldman Sachs have…

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  • 5 incredible app innovations, hand holding up iPhone, taking photo of view of street

    5 incredible app innovations to watch this week

    January 24, 2018 Michael Henley

    This week, there have been some particularly notable achievements in the mobile app community, and most of which are from apps you’ve probably never heard of until now. From a new Craigslist competitor to one of the proudest leaders of the 2018 Women’s March, here are five incredible app innovations that made their marks this…

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  • Uses of artificial intelligence, work and play

    January 17, 2018 Michael Henley

    Over the last three years, we have all come to love personal assistants, especially those named Alexa. In fact, a recent report states that after the recent holiday season, 1 in 6 Americans now own a smart speaker, which is over an 120% increase in the span of just one year. And that’s not all that’s changed. Starting as a relatively modest device compared…

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  • Woman's hands on a mobile phone

    Why mobile apps are critical for business growth

    January 12, 2018 Michael Henley

    In the last decade, the definition of the “mobile app” has held many meanings. Today, it holds one more: growth. Mobile apps are critical to our day-to-day tasks, and so why should it stop at business? As my colleague Jake DiMare noted recently, mobile apps are becoming increasingly important for sales, and are expected to make…

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  • JBoye 17 Hero

    It’s AI-first at J. Boye 17

    November 9, 2017 Jake DiMare

    This week a couple of hundred digital professionals gathered in Aarhus, Denmark to share experiences and learn about the latest tips, techniques, and trends. Participants represented large, well-known brands in the EU including Skanska, SAP, DHL, and Danske Bank. The program this year featured some excellent speakers covering practical, current concerns, such as content strategy,…

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